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Balancing Old and New

Updated: Mar 12

One of my favorite subjects! While we all like a good window display, you have to admit that it always feels like something is missing.

That something would be... character. There is an art to getting that curated and well-traveled look; the best way to achieve it is by blending vintage items with new.

Not sure where to start? Search for local antique fairs. You will find a plethora of vintage vessels, trays and decorative objects. If you don't have a local antique fair nearby, seek out antique malls or stores in your area, they are generally a bit higher priced but you're sure to find a few hidden gems. Etsy is another great source for vintage items. When shopping online be sure to carefully examine the photos and if there aren't photos from every angle message the seller and and ask them to post additional photos. Carefully read the item descriptions as the sellers should remark on signs of age and flaws. When shopping retail, be cognizant if the particular piece is a reproduction or a genuine vintage piece. While, from a distance, reproductions can give a similar look, they typically lack an aged and traveled feel.

Blend your old and new pieces throughout the area you are styling. Be sure to mix up shapes as not to overdo a repetition in too many of the same shape. One way to change up shapes is to throw in some books, candles and greenery. Mixing in organic and natural shapes such as geodes or petrified wood also adds interest and depth. By utilizing the tips you are well on your way to achieving that coveted curated look.

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