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Using art to transform your space

Updated: Apr 5

Image credit: Shoppe Amber Interiors

There are many ways to transform a space and infuse the personality of those who live in the space however, art is so much more personal that it tells a story most other furnishings cannot.

Art can trigger so many different feelings or moods in an individual, it can have a calming or soothing effect, it can be stimulating and exciting or even evoke a sense of turmoil and disorder. Art can tell a story about who lives in a space without any words. While we may all view a piece of art in our own unique way there is no denying that when it compliments it's surrounding it helps to bring the story of a space to life.

Image Credit: Soho Home

Regardless of the style of art, when paired properly it can help balance out a space and tie the overall design together. In the space depicted above the neutral tones of the art help to balance the colorful furnishings. The movement and overall style of the art also sets the tone for the overall vibe of the room.

Image Credit: Singulart. Art by Sibylle Werkmeister.

In a neutral and minimally decorated space the art will draw your eye and add movement, life and interest. The art not only enhances the space, but it becomes the star of the show.

Image Credit: The Lifestyled Co

Art that contrasts a rooms aesthetic infuses even more interest and personality. How often do we identify with more than one aesthetic or style? Often, we are drawn to multiple styles and mixing contrasting aesthetics truly brings the personality of a space to life.

Image Credit: Architectural Digest

I feel that often when we are talking about art the first thing that comes to mind is art that hangs on the wall. But when discussing art, we cannot leave out sculptures as they too have a very transformative effect in a space. There is a depth and sense of whimsy sculpture can add. In this day and age there are so many great home decor pieces but at some point, the typical shapes we often see start to become noise, they may be pretty but there is little distinction from one to the next. A hand-crafted sculpture is almost certain to draw the eye where those typical shapes we see time and again fail to do so.

Image Credit: Manollo Yllera

I know I said that most furniture cannot accomplish to infuse personality in a space like other art can, but most does not mean all. More and more we are seeing highly stylized and sculptural furniture that is in essence functional art. These sculptural pieces of furniture can speak to the owner's personality and sense of style. For example, looking at the furniture above, the curves have a softening effect and yet also show a playful side whereas a piece of more angular furniture may have the opposite effect and lead to tension or a sense of uneasiness.

Be it on a wall, on a shelf or the furniture you use every day there are numerous ways art can infuse personality and interest into a space. Custom pieces of art, furnishings and other artisanal objects commissioned specifically for a space are all the better for completing the story of a space. Who better to tie it all together than your interior designer who has taken the time to get to know you, your family and what speaks to you.

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