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The emotional journey of a design client

Updated: Mar 29

If you’re a designer reading this, you’re already familiar with the different phases a client goes through during the design process. However, if you are somebody preparing to go through the design process for the first time, or perhaps even for the second time, of a remodel or new home construction it can be an exciting time yet filled with so many unknowns. This post has some excellent information regarding the journey you are about to experience!

considering interior design

Anytime you embark on a new journey or project, you go through a range of emotions. Likely at the beginning of the journey, there is a little bit of anxiousness, mixed with some excitement, and probably a dash of uncertainty. A home is very personal to each of us, and strong emotions can be tied to renovation. Our home is where we begin and end each of our days. It is where we spend time with our families, watch our children grow and make memories. Home is where we escape the stressors of our daily life; as such, it needs to be a calming and soothing space that speaks to us and our loved ones. Because home is so personal and precious to us, so many emotions are tied to it, so I am here to talk about the emotional ups and downs your will experience while on your design journey.

But wait, I'm not trying to scare you! Let me lend a hand in understanding the range of emotions that can be expected. Of course, you know that there are going to be exciting times, but then, of course, there are going to be some really stressful times as well. That’s what your designer is here for, to help you through the nerve-racking times and to remind you of just how beautiful and rewarding the final destination will be.

Typically, with something like a design project, there is a lot of excitement, hope and dreaming about what the end result will look like. Let's say that you have met with your designer, perhaps even some of the trades hired for the construction, and plans are being formulated. This is the phase 1 stage of the emotional journey. You don't quite have the full picture yet, but excitement is beaming to get the project underway.

interior design presentation

Phase 2, the anticipation is building as the presentation nears. The points where you get to see all the beautiful finishes, colors, fabrics and design elements that will make up your new space. You are bubbling over with excitement and anticipation!

Then comes the not-so-glamorous part... phase 3 construction. Everything looks its worst by now. Perhaps walls have been torn out, flooring and cabinetry are now removed and everything begins to look and feel like an utter disaster. At this stage, you've paid a sizable deposit for construction and, possibly even some furnishings, yet all you see are the remnants of what used to be your former space. More than likely, you will be in this stage for a while. The furnishings, fabrics and other elements are going to take months to arrive. Construction will remain consistent, and it will be a while before you can see signs of all those beautiful elements being installed in your home. Anxiety will likely kick in, making this the essential time when your designer will remind you about that range of emotions experienced throughout the project's lifetime. But for now, it's the waiting game stage. Be prepared for when the wrong item arrives or when the correct item arrives damaged. That’s what we’re here for, to remedy the situations that arise because even with the best planning and systems in place, there will be bumps in the road. But don't forget, they are just bumps. We must keep the destination in mind, your soon-to-be beautifully appointed, finished and remodeled home.

kitchen remodel progress

With phase 4, the installation phase, excitement and anticipation will return. You start to see those decorative elements beginning to come together. Though, there may still be some bumps in the road, such as something arriving broken or becoming discontinued and needing a re-select. Again, that’s what your designer is here for to work through these situations and issues that arise. We have processes in place for even this phase of the journey. Finally, after installation & styling day we will be there to walk through all the elements of your space with you, review any items that need adjusting, create a list and plan for correction.

kitchen wood floors

As you may understand by now there are ups and downs throughout the design journey. I can't say it enough, keep the destination in mind throughout the process and know that bumps in the road are a part of the journey and your new home will be beautiful and well worth it!

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